A while ago this website and concept was actually called ‘Necessitee’ – a purposeful misspelling of necessity so we could register a domain name.

The tag line for that site was ‘The Mother Of All Invention’ which is from the well know proverb – “Necessity is The Mother Of All Invention”.

The idea at the time was to showcase a range of inventions, creations and products born from the creative mind of Rob Stephenson and others.

After many years of not really keeping things up-to-date, realising the name just wasn’t sitting well and Rob having a somewhat ‘enlightening’ experience with the universal laws, we decided to rename and reinvent (pardon the pun) and become ‘Manifested’

The power of this word brings so many levels to what we are doing here in the space of creation of ‘things’ and ‘ideas’ and the new tag-line ‘Brilliant Ideas Brought To Life’ is really what it’s all about.

The new chapter of the lives of the team at Manifested is beginning.


Of course this is where it all begins. The lightbulb moments that happen at all and any hours on any given day


Then for the most important part of the creative process. Making sure everything in the creation has a reason for being there


Now to the most fun and often most challenging time. Staying true to the concept, then bringing those brilliant ideas to life


In an effort to make the world a better place we try to make our products and services as human-friendly as possible

The Who's Who of MANIFESTED


Hang on a minute!

Isn’t this The Artist Trebor?!

Yes! It is!

Rob Stephenson

Always a scribbler, Rob started is artistic endeavours by drawing on the walls of his home, until his mum and dad bought him some drawing paper and pencils. (Good move parents 🙂 After finishing college (NZ’s name for high school) with art, maths, technical drawing, woodwork and metal work skills under his belt, Rob studied for 3 full-time years – plus night school – at what was then Wellington Polytechnic, graduating in 1984.

Rob now runs his own Design Consultancy, The AD Man – Rob Stephenson, which has been successfully creating graphics and marketing materials for the past 20+ years.

Rob is a true creative thinker with design skills across all media including Direct Marketing, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, Photography and Retouching, Illustration and more.

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